Jason Springer

Hi there, I'm Jason.

Below you will find a list of my projects, which you can also find, along with more not listed here, on my GitHub.

Prior roles include Solutions Architect for the user generated content-based marketing company Olapic, Client Support Engineer for the SaaS marketing tech company Sailthru and Software Product Specialist for the 3D printing company MakerBot Industries.

For more details about my work and education history, please visit my LinkedIn profile or send me an email for a copy of my resume.

Outside of work, I am really into music. I was a college radio DJ for 4 years, run a music blog, and have created many Spotify playlists. When I have more free time, I plan on working on my own music.

I am based in New York City but am open to relocation.


Below are the more standout projects I have worked on. They are hosted on Heroku, Netlify, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Firebase, Azure, and Snack and due to the account types, there may be a short delay before the page loads initially. More apps I have built to practice learning new frameworks and libraries, can be found on my GitHub. For projects I created while learning, please see the /coursework repository and my Codepen and Cloud9 pages. This page (and the previous version) is also a project I have invested a lot of time into.

International Candy Shop

Vue.js + Nuxt.js e-commerce site using Sanity (headless CMS) for content, Snipcart for cart checkout. See full set up instructions on GitHub.

Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Sanity, Snipcart, Netlify

techJobs: Job Board

CRUD job board that allows logged in users to post new jobs for a set fee. Charges handled by Stripe. L: jason@example.com / P: password or create a new account. Use test cc info. To set up Stripe and see transactions, follow full guide on Github.

Ruby on Rails, Stripe, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Food Delivery

Food delivery website similar to Seamless/Grubhub. State handled with Context. Content managed via Strapi and payments via Stripe. Strapi admin accessible here (l: testuser / p: Qaz2Wsx#Edc). It takes twice as long to load since Strapi is on a separate Heroku app. WIP, updated 4/2019.

React, Next.js, Context, Apollo (GraphQL), MongoDB, Strapi, Stripe

Library Catalog

Mock online library catalog that allows end users to check the availability of books. Full CRUD admin accessible to superusers. Admin L: admin / P: Qaz2Wsx#Edc.

Django, PostgreSQL, Open Library, Heroku

Angular Weather

Responsive weather app using the APIXU API with input form to search for weather in different locations. Includes 5 day forecast and conditional "Feels" temperature if it's different than the current rounded temperature. Geolocation disabled in code as not allowed on http (https requires paid Heroku account).

Angular 7, APIXU

Weather App

Minimalist weather app built using React Native and Expo.

React Native, Expo, Snack, OpenWeather

TRVL: Travel Blog (Vue)

Responsive Vue.js blog utilizing prerender-spa-plugin to make the blog more SEO friendly. Content updated via JSON feed, which can be supplied via a headless CMS.

Vue.js, Prerender-SPA, Netlify, Disqus

Project Request Form

SPA Vue.js form with validation for all fields and submission confirmation.

Vue.js, VeeValidate, Heroku

Cocktail List

CRUD cocktail details into Active Admin to display on main page via React, Rails API. Login, user: 'admin@example.com', pass: 'password'.

React, Active Admin, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Ember Library

Ember.js CRUD app hosted on Firebase themed around a collection of libraries, books, and authors.

Ember.js 2, Node.js, Firebase

React InstaPhoto

Simple Instagram style web app. Uses Filestack API to host pictures and apply image filters.

React, Redux, Node.js, Express, Filestack, Heroku


Chat app built with Laravel, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, and Pusher.

PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Pusher, Heroku


Proficiency level for each skill varies depending on the complexity and the amount of time spent working with it. The larger the font, the more I've used it at work, on my own (see projects above and full list of courses I have completed here), or both. I have also completed certificates in Web Development (MERN stack), React v16, Ruby on Rails 5, Mobile App Design, and Product Management.

Job History

See LinkedIn profile or request a full resume for more work and education history details.


US, Europe, NYC

Web Developer

November 2018 - Present


New York, NY

Solutions Architect

March 2018 - October 2018


New York, NY

Client Support Engineer

August 2014 - July 2016


Brooklyn, NY

Product Specialist ‐ Software

September 2013 - August 2014

Technical Support Expert

August 2012 - September 2013


If you would like to contact me about a job position or anything else, please fill out the form below, or send me an email, with your full name, email, company name, and message and I will get back to you shortly.

Thank you! I will return your message soon.